The magnificent land of India is blessed with several water bodies. The seas and oceans are a world of their own and are absolutely spectacular to look at. These gigantic water bodies hold within them aquatic life that is completely worth exploring. Scuba diving in India gives you a chance to explore another beautiful aspect to this country. It gives you a chance to explore life under water that makes for a stunning spectacle. You would be surprised to see the vast variety of flora and fauna that flourishes deep within the sea in India. So, take a deep plunge into the blue waters and discover the secrets that lie deep within it.



Cradled in the Konkan region of coastal Maharashtra, Tarkarli boasts of Maharashtra’s only scuba diving training centre conducted in natural surroundings. The scuba diving site is near the Sindhudurg Fort. It is a great option for folks from Maharashtra as it orients you for a deeper diving experience.

Best Time for Diving: October to April is the best time to visit Tarkali and so you can enjoy scuba diving too at this time as the waters are very clear
Good to know: A non-swimmer can also participate in the dives at Tarkali. The divers can go upto 30ft deep water.



You don’t need a reason or season to visit Goa. You may chill at a beach, indulge in water sports, try your luck at a casino or party all night. If you are done with all the noise and party, you can make some time for watersports and wash down the high. And you would be surprised to know that Goa has quite a few dive sites that are renowned among the diving community



Fondly known as Vizag, this name features here as a surprise to most of us. But Vizag offers you some beautiful corals and unique varieties of fish. You will be surprised to discover a new ecosystem that thrives below the surface with this dive trip. With diving depths ranging up to 15m to 25m, the experience offers up to two hours in the Bay of Bengal.



A coral island embracing the great Arabian shore in Karnataka is home to some of the country’s best dive sites. Blessed with amazing corals, it is also a place to spot whales, stingrays and a variety of fish.



Away from the clamour of Chennai, the French Quarters of Pondicherry kiss the shores, while the fascinating Tamil Quarters impregnate structures of a distinct architectural style. Pondicherry is coated with layers of pertinent living, brushed with strokes of human history. Pondicherry is many things in one - it’s chilled-out, it broods history, it’s beautifully under-quoted by virgin beaches, that are a sanctum to a whole new marine life.